Library Spotting

A few weeks ago, while we trudged through our gray, sunless days, Lynne, our lovely co-worker, was enjoying the sun down in the Florida Keys. While she was there, she happened upon two libraries, and she took pictures of them. Pictured left is Monroe County May Hill Russell Library.

That gave me an idea. When you are vacationing and holidaying, do you notice libraries? What if we all took pictures of libraries that we come upon on our travels? It doesn’t just have to be during summer get-aways, either. It can be any time of the year.

Whether you are in Paris, France or Paris, Maine, the tropics or the tundra, if you see/visit/discover a library take a picture and share it with us at Topsham Public Library. (You can post it on our Facebook page or you can email it to and we will post it here on the blog.)


Pictured below is Key Largo Public Library. It caught Lynne’s attention because it was in a strip mall. You may have noticed that Lynne herself is not pictured  any of the photos, but you can go ahead and ham it up for the camera if you want. And don’t forget to visit Topsham Public Library, too!