Say Hello to a New Staff Member!

If you have frequented Topsham Public Library in the past few weeks, you noticed a new face behind the desk. Cat is our newest member of staff, so please stop by and say hi!

Cat grew up in Wolfboro, NH, but she has Maine connections as her grandparents lived in Topsham. As much as we love Cat’s knowledge of graphic novels (she prefers DC over Marvel, Batman over Superman, and Wonder Woman over Isis), we especially appreciate Cat’s experience as a chocolatier for six months at a five star establishment on St. Lucia. There’s nothing we like better than when Cat comes through the door and says, “I’ve been playing in the kitchen,” or “I made some chocolates. Would you be willing to taste test them for me?” Does the earth revolve around the sun?

As someone who enjoys cooking, Cat has some very definitive tastes. First of all, at our next cookout, we will not offer Cat any condiments. She hates them! No ketchup and no mustard for her! She might do a little cranberry sauce, but other than that – nothing. She is in a bit of a quandry though when it comes to deciding whether to eat cake for dessert or cake for breakfast, she’ll probably do both, but she does prefer pie to cake. Pizza is also a no-no for Cat as it has tomatoes. Cat doesn’t eat tomatoes or bacon. But Skittles. There is never a bad time for Skittles.

When Cat is not here, she likes to knit, play in the kitchen, sculpt with gumpaste, read comics (not just superhero ones) and listen to The Thrilling Adventure Hour which is an old-style radio play podcast. But you will not find her hiking. She hates hiking. Swimming is ok, but hiking not so much.

So come on over to Topsham Public Library and give Cat a big welcome!