You Know Winter Has Arrived When

Topsham Public Library is blessed with beautiful grounds. Not only do we have beautiful grounds, but we have great volunteers who have transformed our grounds into producing gardens. We receive many positive comments about the gardens and their beauty and their peacefulness.

The gardens are at the rear of our building, and in the summer we keep the door that leads from the gardens into the library unlocked. This door provides quick access to the grounds or to the library and we want our patrons and visitors to enjoy both.

Well, winter has arrived and I know this because we don’t unlock the garden door anymore. It’s necessary. It makes sense. But it’s sad, too. Now the flower and vegetable beds are under snow. Brrrrrrr.

It’s all part of the cycle of life, and it’s funny how in the little ways, such as the simple act of locking a door, that cycle seeps into our lives.