TPL Garden Projects 2015: Edible Forest Garden

‘Tis the season at the TPL Gardens. We have a number of continuing and new projects available for volunteer input . If you see a project you’d like to work on, please email or contact the indicated contact person.

Edible Forest Garden: A new Master Gardener Project led by Sarah Wolpow and Dana Cary (729-4945). See this post for more details. We broke or rather shifted ground on the project on May 28th:

Covering woody materials with compost and and compostable materials.

We took a modular approach, completing a portion of proposed area to serve as a model for other sections:


Finished section: base is woody material over grass, firmly packed and covered with organic materials, covered by layers of newspaper and cardboard, and dressed with a layer of straw.


This section has woody material and some organics mixed in. It requires more organics packed around and over wood, newspaper, and straw.


This section requires the full treatment.

For this project we need helping hands to edge, shift sod and loam with wheelbarrows, and pack  and paper the mounds. We need helping hands and minds of permaculture enthusiasts and explorers to educate visitors and patrons about the principles behind the project. As well as working on the bed, volunteers can create signs and other materials or simply explain what’s going on to curious visitors.
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