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Have your Forest and Eat it too!

Have you noticed two small clearings in the woodland edge out behind the library?  Last fall & summer, did you see folks chopping up branches, laying out cardboard, and raking out piles of woodchips?  If you did, you were witnessing the beginnings of a food forest. Food forests, also known as edible forest gardens are… Read more »

Gardening for Little People

In 2007, a group of boy scouts constructed an elegant spiral path from the back door of the the children’s reading room.  A few years later, the library approached me to design a children’s garden around this spiral. What makes a garden a “children’s” garden?  Without doubt, engaging all the senses is high on the… Read more »

Unlocking the keyhole bed

By Jim Demosthenes, TPL garden volunteer and Master Gardener First made popular in Africa due to dry growing conditions, keyhole gardens are growing in popularity in other hot, dry geographic areas. From a view above, the garden is shaped like a keyhole because of a notch that is cut out of the round shaped bed… Read more »

What’s going on out there?

For obvious reasons, most gardeners don’t write much about their activities during the growing season, at least not this far north, where the summers are short and the winters long.  On this cold bright day in January I am thinking of last season’s gardens, as well as all that needs doing before spring.  The light… Read more »