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CC, SDH, and Other DVD Accessibility Features

We regularly have patrons looking for DVDs and Blu-rays with closed captioning or subtitles, and while it should be clearly indicated on the case, it isn’t always so easy to tell exactly which service is available. Looking them up in our library catalogue is another way to tell. It should list the features in the… Read more »

Genres You May Have Read but Not Heard Of

A search on genres of literature will get you a multitude of responses: what the main genres are, how many main genres there are, whether or not there are sub-genres or only categories of main genres. The perspective of the TPL librarians? Genres and various sub-genres can be very helpful in identifying your interests and… Read more »

The Season of Hope

We have endured some very stormy weather together and while the effects of it may be lingering, signs of hope and renewal are popping up all around. We understand what it feels like to hold that hope close and allow ourselves to be excited for sunnier days. The buildup of that anticipation, however, can cause… Read more »

New to Topsham Public Library–cloudLibrary NewsStand!

Topsham Public Library is pleased to announce a new service for our patrons, cloudLibrary NewsStand, an e-magazine app to read magazines on your phone, tablet, or browser! NewsStand has currently over 6500 titles, including a variety of magazines from different countries and languages other than English. It also features at present over 150 “premium” titles… Read more »

Giving Tuesday!

What a weird year. Every one of us has experienced change on levels we never imagined, and we have had to learn to adapt. Adapting is easier for some than others and can be scary for all. Topsham Public Library has also adapted and changed the way we do things, but we have not changed… Read more »

Winter Hours

Beginning November 1, 2020, Topsham Public Library will change our operating hours to our new winter schedule. The new schedule is as follows: Monday  9am-5pm Tuesday  9am-6pm Wednesday  9am-6pm Thursday  9am-6pm Friday  9am-5pm Saturday 9am-5pm Sunday  closed As always, if it is storming, check our website ( or call us (725-1727) to make sure we… Read more »

Returning to pre-covid operating hours

Topsham Public Library’s operating hours are changing and we are excited to say that we are returning to our pre-shutdown hours. So, beginning today, Monday, August 3 our hours are: Mondays 9am-5pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 9am-8pm Fridays 9am-5pm Saturdays 9am-4pm Sundays closed. We are seeing increased traffic every day, and it is so good… Read more »

We’re Opening!!

It’s true! Topsham Public Library is ready to open the building to the public! Here are the details! Beginning Monday, July 6, we will open Mondays through Fridays 9am-5pm and Saturdays 9am-1pm and closed on Sundays. (Please note that we will be closed on July 3 and 4.) A mask is required to enter and… Read more »