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CC, SDH, and Other DVD Accessibility Features

We regularly have patrons looking for DVDs and Blu-rays with closed captioning or subtitles, and while it should be clearly indicated on the case, it isn’t always so easy to tell exactly which service is available. Looking them up in our library catalogue is another way to tell. It should list the features in the… Read more »

Staff Picks 2021, Part IV

This is the final installment of staff picks from 2021. We hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into some of our favorite reads, listens, and watches from last year. Linda’s Top Picks: Monique’s Top Picks:

Staff Picks 2021, Part III

This is the next to last installation of staff favorites from last year and in this roundup we share top picks from Mariah, Cyndi, and Dale. Mariah’s Top Picks: Ted Lasso, Apple TV series Dale’s Top Picks: Cyndi’s Top Picks: Teen Fiction: Teen Graphic Novels: Adult Non-Fiction: Later this week, for the final installation of… Read more »

Staff Picks 2021, Part II

We are back to share more of our staff picks from 2021. In this round we hear from Julie, Emily, and Jen. Julie’s Top Picks Who needed some happy endings… Emily’s Top Picks Books: Movies: Podcasts: Jen’s Top Picks Audiobooks:

Staff Picks 2021, Part 1

It is just about time to say a proper goodbye to 2021 and that means it’s time to reflect on some of our favorite reads (or listens or watches). Have we read something out of our genre comfort zones? Have we been exploring particular interests? Were we in need some feel-good stories? Let’s find out… Read more »

Word of the Month – August 2021

Our word for August, sagacity, means incisive wisdom or sharp discernment; the quality of having or showing understanding and the ability to make good judgments (source); the quality of being wise and farsighted (source). One famous example of its usage comes from Mary Shelley in Frankenstein: “I had sagacity enough to discover that the unnatural hideousness… Read more »

Genres You May Have Read but Not Heard Of

A search on genres of literature will get you a multitude of responses: what the main genres are, how many main genres there are, whether or not there are sub-genres or only categories of main genres. The perspective of the TPL librarians? Genres and various sub-genres can be very helpful in identifying your interests and… Read more »

Word of the Month – July 2021

This month’s word is one every lover of stories – whether in book, movie, or play form – might like to know. It is a word borrowed from French, derived from Latin, and literally means “untie the knot” – referring to the narrative entanglements an author has woven through the stages of plot development. (source)… Read more »