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Back to Basics: Mac-n-Cheese

I have a confession to make. I love boxed macaroni and cheese. Within 10 minutes I can enjoy a strangely orange with unnaturally small noodles goop. I’m not even picky about the brand – Kraft, Hannaford, Annie’s. I’ll eat them all. I’ll eat them all and enjoy it! I will however, from time to time,… Read more »

Topsham Garden Club Celebrates 85 Years

Topsham Garden Club was founded in 1934 and it is still going strong. On the second Wednesday of the month from 12-2:30pm the club meets at Topsham Public Library where members gather to hear guest speakers, socialize, eat, and talk all things green. The public is always welcome to attend. Bring a brown bag lunch… Read more »

Meet Liz!

You may have noticed a new face at Topsham Public Library. Liz Snowden has been with us for a few months now and works at the circulation desk. Though she has only been with us such a little while, she comes with much experience as she also works at Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick, Maine…. Read more »

CLYNK for Friends of Topsham Public Library

The Friends of Topsham Public Library are so important to us. Through their fundraising efforts, much of the programming that you enjoy at Topsham Public Library is possible. Now, you can support the Friends of Topsham Public Library through CLYNK. CLYNK is a bottle redemption program that is offered through Hannaford Supermarkets. It’s so easy! First, fill… Read more »

The Art of Breakfast

Breakfast is big at my house. We love breakfast for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Now that my children are older, we forego the turkey dinner and cook a big breakfast on Thanksgiving morning, so that everyone can get where they need to be. At the circulation desk, I noticed The Art of Breakfast: How to… Read more »

Music in March 2019

It’s a favorite time of year! Free concerts for the community sponsored by Friends of the Topsham Public Library on the first four Saturdays in March at 1pm! Does it get any better? This year’s lineup is as follows: Miscellania, Bowdoin College’s oldest women’s a cappella group, will start things off on Saturday, March 2…. Read more »

About the AARP Tax Help

It begins in January. The question is asked by young, old, in person and on the phone, “Are you taking appointments for tax help?” If you are not aware, every year beginning in February, AARP offers free tax help at a variety of places in the area. Topsham Public Library is one of these places…. Read more »

I Love a Good Cookbook

One of the pleasant surprises I have experienced since working in a library, is the plethora of cookbooks. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this resource before, but I hadn’t. Another little tidbit I’ll let you in on: the staff at Topsham Public Library talks a lot about food. From good places to eat… Read more »