Topsham Public Library to Open Mondays!

There is excitement in the air! Topsham Public Library is changing our operating hours, and we are so pleased to announce that beginning July 1, we will be open on Mondays!

Because of the generosity of Mrs. Janice Solomon, Topsham Public Library is setting aside a portion of the Solomon bequest and using it to offer Monday hours. So, as of July 1, the hours of Topsham Public Library are Monday 9am-5pm, Tuesday 9am-8pm, Wednesday 9am-8pm, Thursday 9am-8pm, Friday 9am-5pm, and Saturday 9am-4pm.

The additional hours will be offered on a  three-year trial basis. After the three years, hours will be evaluated to ensure we are meeting the needs of the community.

We are so appreciative of the support we receive from our patrons and the community, and we are always looking for the best ways we can serve this community. We aim to be a community center for all, and we believe these new hours will further enable us to do that.

See you Monday, July 1 at 9am at Topsham Public Library!