Fall Sports Season

M T A !

M T A !

M T A!

If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Mt. Ararat High School this fall, you might hear enthusiastic fans chanting and yelling in support of their athletes. The nights are cold, but the enthusiasm is infectious, and the feats are daring. There are many talented student-athletes at Mt. Ararat High School.

Being a spectator at these high school sporting events is a great way to become involved in your community. Games are affordable and a great way to support the community. (There are entrance fees. It’s $4 per adult, but there is a discount for senior citizens and students. The fees go to support Mt. Ararat High School Sports, so you are contributing to the community with your attendance!) Take in a football game under the lights on Friday night, or a soccer match – men’s or women’s, or maybe golf is more your thing, and there is also field hockey, and cross country. For a schedule of events click here.

Not only does Topsham Public Library service community members of all ages, but community members of all ages also service Topsham Public Library as volunteers, and some of those volunteers are Mt. Ararat High School athletes.

Grab your hat, coat, and mitts (temperatures can drop quickly on the fields), put on your red, white, and blue and support Mt. Ararat High School Athletics.

Go Eagles!