Patron Review: Exile (Garnethill Trilogy) by Denise Mina

Definitely NOT a Cozy!
By Beverly A. Martin

I am hooked on Denise Mina’s writing. This, the second novel in her Garnethill trilogy, is meant to drag you, shake you, expose you, cause you thrills and anguish. Along with her Scottish wit which pokes itself through the muck and mire to greatly relieve you. This is gritty lit and not for the weak spirited. If you want to keep your brain engaged, but not keep your hands too clean, then dive in!!!

Exile by Denise Mina can be ordered through our inter-library loan system.

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  • I’d like to add that Mina’s writing does take some getting used to….Especially since the reader is clearly hearing the voice of a woman – a survivor, a coper, a determined, gritty soul….the squalor and pain we’re exposed to at times is also jolting….and haunting. Since I, myself, endured and surmounted what-I’ll-call-here a wacky childhood, I KNOW Mina speaks the truth…..for some who overcame and the rest who need to know….