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Our Garden is Yielding Results!

Below is an update by Jim Demosthenes about the gardens at Topsham Public Library. The gardens are maintained by a talented group of volunteers.  Our demonstration gardens behind the library are producing vegetables to help support food security needs in our community. Last October seed garlic was planted on the keyhole garden, a round mounded garden… Read more »

Meet the New President of the Board of Trustees

Six times. He has tried six times, but this time Larry Fitch is determined to get through James Joyce’s Ulysses. Intrigued by all the layers and interwoven threads that Joyce melds into the story, Larry is resolute in his pursuit to finish this story by one of Ireland’s greatest writers. Books and libraries have always… Read more »

Get Your Bookmarks Done!

Didn’t school just let out for the summer? Didn’t we celebrate the Fourth of July just last weekend? Where has the summer gone? It feels like summer is just beginning and it’s hard to believe September is only two weeks away. As summer comes to an end, so does Topsham Public Library’s summer reading program. Are you still… Read more »

We Missed You, Too!

As many of you know, we had an unexpected closure last week. Unfortunately, we had a water pipe burst, and as it seems to happen (at least in my experience with my house that is a fixer-upper and needs more fixing than it’s been upped) the repairs weren’t quite as straightforward as we would have… Read more »

We’re Back!!

Topsham Public Library cordially invites you to join us Wednesday, July 6, 2016 as we re-institute our Wednesday evening hours! Please join us at 5pm for mocktails in the gallery. Then, Zany Majestic Bard will be performing at 6pm in celebration of 400 years of Shakespeare. This performance-lecture by David Greenham is provided by the Maine Humanities Council and the Maine State… Read more »

Check Up Time

It seems like ages ago, but back on December 8, 2015 I told you about a reading challenge I am participating in this year. Well, it’s time to check up and see how I’m doing. In a nutshell, if my reading life was connected to my physical life, they would tag my toe, zip the body bag… Read more »

Spring Cleaning

It wasn’t until high school that I realized not every mother spring cleans their house like my mom did. My mother went through every room, every closet, every box and organized stuff and got rid of stuff. She gave her children the task of sorting through their own clothes and discarding anything that they did… Read more »

We got an Edible Food Forest Seed Grant!

Thanks to master gardener, entrepreneur, garden fairy, and all-around swell person Sarah Wolpow, TPL Gardens will receive a Norm Steele Memorial Seed Grant. Here’s Sarah’s grant application: MGSeedGrantForestGarden. She whipped it together in a couple days. Most impressively, I think the background portion can be used for future garden related grant applications.

Edible Forest Gardens

Sarah brought to the last meeting the idea of edible forest gardens. The basic idea is that since our ecology is suitable for forests, why not create gardens that are adapted to it and that also produce food  and ornamental crops. We have a few possible places where we could do this kind of installation:… Read more »